November 27, 2022


Are you looking for effective LinkedIn message templates to send out to passive candidates on LinkedIn? Whether it’s introducing yourself in a networking situation or helping lead a candidate through the recruitment process, having the right message can make all the difference. Here are 8 top-notch LinkedIn recruiting Messages and strategies that you can customize and use to reach out with confidence:

Today you’ll be getting a complete guide to the most successful LinkedIn message templates available. It’s not your cringe and spammy copy-and-paste job on LinkedIn, but rather it helps build a reputation, strengthen trust & connect people who are good in their sector. We will combine these for both LinkedIn InMail Message and Direct Message creation.

What is recruiter outreach?

linkedin outreach

Recruiter outreach is a range of tactics that helps you to actively find qualified applicants to fill your job positions. This means that you find the best employees and do not wait for them to find you. It includes reaching out to passive candidates via LinkedIn messages, who are not actively looking for a job but might be the right fit for your vacancy.

Why recruiter outreach is important?

The way recruiters will interact with passive or active candidates is important because filing job roles is not as easy as just posting positions. In addition to recruiting, marketing, and job postings, candidate sourcing provides a means to control a person’s destiny by initiating conversations about what they want in a person.

Not everyone looking for jobs sees vacancies, which can be a big problem if you’ve never put time into crafting your LinkedIn Recruiter message. With the candidates sourced strategy, the vacant roles are almost always available when you identify and evaluate talent, and thus reduce time-to-hire and time-to-fill.

Key components of a good candidate outreach message

When it comes to crafting the perfect outreach or follow up message, certain components should be included to make sure your LinkedIn message is effective. Here are some of the key elements:

1. Personalization – It’s important to personalize each message you send so that recipients know they aren’t receiving a generic template. “IF” you can make a generic template that SEEMS personalized then that is a win! We encourage this Personalization Software combined with this LinkedIn Outreach Software to accomplish this with ease!

2. Brevity – Keep your outreach messages short and to the point so that they can easily be read within a few seconds.

3. Tone – Make sure your tone is friendly, personable, and professional to create an inviting atmosphere for potential job seekers.

4. Value proposition – You should always include a value proposition in the message. Make sure to explain why they should be interested in your company, your client’s company, or a job opportunity and what sets it apart from other opportunities.

5. Call-to-action – A good call-to-action encourages candidates to take action such as reply, apply, or follow a link.

If you are struggling with creating ANY of these types of messages this AI Content and Copywriting Software will do all the heavy lifting for you! Just add some info about the Outreach into the templates and it will create these messages.

Why LinkedIn is good for sourcing candidates?

sourcing candidates

LinkedIn provides a powerful platform to show something: CONNECTIONS!! Using LinkedIn for resumes online has become an increasingly popular way for candidates to showcase and get recruited in their field.

Having the right talent is impossible without the right candidate outreach. Crafting and sending out individual messages can be time-consuming but well worth it since most active or passive (that convert) to active candidates are on the platform.

Increase the candidate’s curiosity with a short engaging subject line

Your topic is sometimes the only way to get candidates interested — and it may have the greatest impact on their response chances. If an employee is happy with their current job, they don’t jump right up when someone writes about “x” jobs or job opportunities. And if a candidate’s message appears to have been received generically, it’s less likely that they will open it.

The chances are great at losing when a candidate hasn’t even been to read about it. Your topic should always be a crucial element in the message you want to send.

Personalized messages can increase response rates

Regardless of the subject line, a candidate will not be able to reply if your email has been copied or pasted without any personalization. It would be a shame to have your messages feel like templates.

Therefore, we recommend that you take the time to show some effort by adding a few personal touches. Mentioning the candidate’s previous job, mentioning their degree or any relevant experience can make all the difference in terms of response rates.

Hard-to-fill roles

If you’re recruiting for a job that’s particularly hard to fill, you may need to take additional steps. Do the research and find out what interests the candidate has and why they are an ideal fit for the role.

The more significant the role, the more effort it takes to stand out from other recruiters’ emails. Include a nice subject sentence to attract the recipient(s) to open the email; List their work projects (so that you can emphasize your interest in what they are working on).

Subject line: Impressed by your design style

Hey [Designer’s First Name] I just checked out your Recent Project [Recent project]. We need to add one more lead designer to our team this looks good to us. We would love to talk this week so we can find a time to meet you. It would also be useful for you to know what roles we have available. I hope to speak to you soon. [YourName]

Highlight connections you have in common within your Network

In addressing your prospective candidate for the first time it is advisable to mention mutual connections. It’s similar to talking about mutual links. Use the network first and see how many connections you have in common.

You can recruit candidates regularly across different industries and regions based on the same experience and common connections. Firstly, make sure that all those you are going to reference know your candidates.

Be short and direct with LinkedIn Messages to increase higher response rates

Less is more – that’s what they say. Certainly true for cold outreach. LinkedIn data indicates that responses from InMails that have fewer characters have a higher than the typical reply rate for the entire email. Messages with a response size of more characters have a less-than-average response rate.

Write just to give hints to the reader. A little taste can make them intrigued by finding out more even in the absence of an active job search. This LinkedIn Article could provide some good tips as well.

First touch “Cold Message”

Cold messages are the initial contact between you and the person who doesn’t know you. To attract people to see your messages, a good outreach plan must exist.

When is the best time to send the message: You may send first contact messages after thorough research of the candidates’ profiles through their Facebook profiles or LinkedIn profiles.

Subject line: Job Opportunity- [Job Title] position at [Your Company]

Hello [Firstname], I came upon your profile [Where did you discover them]. I work at [company]. We need someone with [employment] titles. You have excellent skills and knowledge that would be ideal for this job. I am always happy to learn more about you. Are we able to hop on a quick call? Please get in touch with me soon!

Please keep things short because you are still not connected to the candidate yet.

Seal the deal: Candidates want to know what’s in it for them

Unlike your hiring criteria, a candidate must have criteria to evaluate his/her new job. Pique their interest and give some information about the opportunities that are available for them.

Include details such as salary, vacation days, company culture, etc. Answer their questions before they even ask them. Show that you are knowledgeable and you want to help them make the best decision with your job offer.

Subject line: Ready to join our team?

Writing LinkedIn Recruiter Message Templates

Follow-up messages

What’s in the name? The recruitment process for talent managers to monitor recruitment data may involve follow-up emails or email campaigns that do not require cold calls and messages. How can a follow-up email be mailed? Things to include: The introduction to ‘FOMO’ may elicit the individualization of ‘person’. The text should be very brief and sweet; the tone should be friendly and conversational.

Subject line: Are you coming?

Please check if you have received the previous message. Your job is sometimes very busy so my mail might have gone missing! You’re probably the perfect candidate for an open job at [Your Company]. Send me an email.

It is very important to provide follow-ups that help with a successful hiring process. Some candidates skim through the second and third messages, but if they read them they’ll have another glance at the third.

The complimenting message

Hello [candidatename]. I shared that post with all the members of my team and everyone enjoyed them! It was also worth checking out your blogs as well – you have great skills. I’m in charge of recruitment in [company]. We want to hire [job roles] that are hot with [skill]. If anyone has an interest in working with us, please give us a call. I’m glad you’re here.

Share next steps: It’s the candidate’s turn to make a move

The addition of an arbitrary call to action throws a chance to the candidate. Let them know what their next steps should be and how you can help them with their job search.

Hey there! It’s been great seeing all the work you’ve done on LinkedIn, but it’s time to take that to the next level. We can schedule your time to set up an appointment. Please keep it polite and respect the fact there’s likely another issue.

Provide Value and Compliments based on their Skills and Accomplishments

When you are planning ways of personalizing your message, you should always include flattery. People feel they’ve earned their skills and efforts, so they’re more apt to assist people who have no other choice. Let the candidates know why. It’ll be worth it to you to find these things. Give us details and prove your authenticity.

Referral through a mutual connection

This will be great for employers seeking to boost the quality of the hire by minimizing the time spent. List the details of the mutual contacts (please include references’ names in your subject line) How do you know the person who made it possible to establish a relationship?

Subject line: [Available role] opportunity referred to you by [Mutual Contact’s Name]

Hello [FirstName]. They praise you for [Experience/Excellence]. We are currently looking for a candidate. [Contact name] contacted me to reach out to you. Tell me your story! Is the discussion open for discussion at [dates and hours]? I’ll be in contact. Best. Please write a brief message. You must personalize the messages to ensure that you have an affinity with each other.

The ‘Mutual Connections’ message

target audience

Another example of LinkedIn Recruiting Messages that may get their response:

Subject line: Mutual Connections

Hi there,

I hope that you are doing well. I noticed on your LinkedIn profile that we both know some of the same people in our circles. It looks like you have a lot of experience in the industry and I think it would be a great match for us if you were to have a call so we can both explore possible opportunities. Thanks, FirstName

Have we met? Message after Online/In-Person Event

Hello, the event/meet/work was fantastic, and even more enjoyable was connecting via LinkedIn. I am “first name”. What are the problems here you see in your current roles? After meeting you, it was obvious that you might be a good fit for our company. Can we discuss these matters together?

Set yourself up for success: Some candidates are more likely to respond

Recruiters can filter their search results for LinkedIn and prioritize their searches to reach these candidates. InMail credits are provided when you send a response which helps expand your reach and improves your chances of acquiring your future professional.

Creative message

Think of something more engaging than it is about a job role. Maybe you can come up with a personal connection from viewing their profile. Of course, you want to keep it professional still. Again, that AI Content and Copywriting software is a great resource for this.

Reconnecting with a previous candidate

It’s a good idea to reach out to past applicants if you think their skills could apply to a new role. Reaching out again can be done through LinkedIn, reminding them of the original connection.

Subject Line: Reaching out again

Hello FirstName,

We connected a while ago, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in hearing about a new role we have available. We’re always looking for great talent and thought your experience may be relevant to what we have this time. Thanks!

Subject line: New job opportunity at [Your Company]- [Job Title]

Hello FirstName,

I am writing to you because I saw your profile and thought you might be a great fit for our team. We are looking for someone with the skills and experience that you have in our latest opening of a ____ job title. Would you like to learn more? Let me know if this is something of interest, please.

The ‘New Job’ message

If you have a job that has become available and you want to reach out to any potential candidates, use this template:

Subject Line: Exciting new role – Join our team!

Hi FirstName,

I noticed your profile on LinkedIn and wanted to reach out with an exciting opportunity that just opened up. We are looking for a ____ and your experience would be perfect for the role. We’d love to discuss further with you if you’re interested. Please let me know what days and times are best for you.

The ‘Referral’ Message

If someone has referred you to a potential candidate, use this template:

Subject Line: Referral from_____

Hi FirstName,

I hope you are doing well. I was referred to you by____, who thought you may be a great fit for our team. We have an open role in which your experience could bring value. Would love to discuss this further if you’re interested. Let me know the best days and times.


As you can see, there are a variety of ways to reach out to potential candidates on LinkedIn. It’s important to personalize your messages and make sure they stand out from the rest of the noise on the platform.

If you’re looking for help crafting effective recruiting messages, our team is here to assist. Or sign up for one of the software mentioned and try the templates/creation mode they have! Also see our article here on messaging prospects. Let us know how we can help you find the best talent for your business!

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