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Are you looking for ways to find top talent through LinkedIn? Or you are a recruiter looking for free strategies to help you find the best candidates. If so, you have come to the right place.

Recruiters and sourcers find LinkedIn is an excellent resource for finding qualified and relevant candidates; these strategies will help you make the most of it. The platform lists over 55 million firms on its website with 14 million paid job opportunities, so 87 % of job seekers use LinkedIn regularly.

Recruiting with LinkedIn can be an challenging but we will show a tools that are essential to a talent-sourcing strategy. In this blog post, we will discuss 12 free strategies that you can use to find talented professionals on LinkedIn.

What is Recruiting with LinkedIn?

Recruiting with LinkedIn is an effective way to find qualified candidates for open positions within your organization. The platform provides advanced search filters that allow you to look for potential employees based on their skills, experience and location.

With over 610 million users worldwide, it’s easy to access a larger and more qualified talent pool than ever. Once you have identified the best candidates for your business needs, you can connect with them directly and initiate conversations about opportunities.

LinkedIn Recruiter products have been designed specifically to help recruiters quickly source passive job seekers in the most efficient manner possible.

It offers access to millions of LinkedIn profiles sorted by job titles, locations and years of experience so recruiters can quickly pinpoint the right candidate in less time using manual methods such as resume databases or email searches.

For a non-LinkedIn product but one that gives you the ability to scrape data and automate your outreach we have this LinkedIn Outreach Software.

Benefits of Recruiting with LinkedIn

Benefits of Recruiting with LinkedIn

There are several benefits of Recruiting with LinkedIn.

1. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with over 660 million members in over 200 countries and regions.

2. LinkedIn allows you to target your recruitment efforts by location, industry, or company size.

3. LinkedIn has various tools to help you find the best candidates for your open positions, including the LinkedIn Recruiter Lite tool, which allows you to search for candidates with specific skills and experience.

4. LinkedIn also allows you to post job openings on your company page, which can help increase exposure to your open positions.

5. LinkedIn has several articles and resources to help you with your recruitment efforts, including tips on writing effective job postings and using LinkedIn’s tools to find the best candidates.

6. LinkedIn offers several paid plans that offer additional features and tools to help you with your recruitment efforts, including contacting candidates directly and accessing more detailed candidate information.

7. This free Automation and Data Scraping Software is a good place to start if you do not have the budget for a paid subscription.

LinkedIn Recruiter

Free Strategies Recruiters Can Use

Free Strategies Recruiters

Free strategies can be very effective for recruiters when filling empty positions.

1. Connect with other professionals in your industry and build relationships.

The most crucial step is to build relationships with other professionals in the same industry. Network with potential employees, whether online or offline.

Search for industry associations and join discussions about current job market trends.

Not only do these conversations provide valuable insights, but they also facilitate referral-making between professionals. Free strategies that promote relationship building can pay off in the long term for recruiters.

2. Use keywords and phrases in your LinkedIn profile to attract the right kind of attention.

When potential employers or recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn, they use keywords related to the position they’re looking to fill.

Therefore, it’s essential to include relevant keywords in your LinkedIn profile so that you come up as a search result.

To do this, look at job postings for positions that interest you and identify the most common keywords used. Then, incorporate these keywords into your profile in a way that sounds natural.

This AI Content and Copywriting Software is the perfect tool to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile with great keywords and copy.

3. Join groups relevant to your field and participate in discussions.

qualified candidates

One of the best ways to get noticed by potential employers or recruiters is to connect with relevant people in your field.

LinkedIn allows you to search for and connect with just about anyone, so take advantage of this feature and reach out to people who can help you in your job search.

4. Publish articles, whitepapers, or blog posts on LinkedIn.

Publish articles, whitepapers, or blog posts on LinkedIn to get the attention of potential recruits. Publishing content on platforms already used by job seekers effectively ensures your LinkedIn message is heard. It’s free and easy to set up, and you can customize it to what you need as a LinkedIn recruiter. Again, This awesome software will help you write these articles and posts with ease. Get 10K words for free as a trial with our link here to the AI Content and Copywriting Software.

You can also use platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to increase your reach. By strategizing, sharing quality content, and engaging with others in the same field, you can help ensure that your recruitment strategy will succeed with potential recruits.

5. Create a custom LinkedIn URL that’s easy to remember.

Create custom LinkedIn URL

Creating a custom LinkedIn URL that is easy to remember can help with your digital presence.

It will help prospective candidates quickly locate and identify your profile, making it easier for them to understand who they will connect with professionally.

You can personalize your URL according to your name or job title, making it even simpler for hopeful applicants to find you. With the correct URL in place, you can make sure that recruiters are taking full advantage of the power of LinkedIn.

6. Optimize your profile for search engines.

Optimizing your personal profile for search engines should be an integral part of any recruitment strategy to help you find qualified candidates faster.

Doing this helps make it easier for potential applicants to find you, dramatically increasing the number of potential candidates you can reach.

There are a few tactics to take advantage of, starting with ensuring that your site’s content meets best practices in SEO principles, such as utilizing industry keywords and having unique meta descriptions per page.

Optimizing your headlines is also worthwhile, as it will help draw more users in when they appear on search engine results pages. Finally, ensuring a consistent external link-building campaign can help increase web traffic which will benefit recruiters in the long run.

Optimizing your profile for search engines may seem like extra work up front, but adopting these strategies can open new doors for recruitment. This AI Software is sure to help you with these tasks.

Don’t forget to also optimize your LinkedIn Company page if you have one. This is a great place to list a job posting and also showcase your employer brand.

7. Search for passive candidates.

Ideal Candidate

Searching for passive candidates is an excellent strategy for recruiters looking to source the best talent.

Even if candidates are not actively applying for targeted jobs, they are still open to a new opportunity – or even one you offer. You can reach out directly to advertise your skills on networking platforms and via job boards.

Additionally, fostering relationships with headhunters and recruiters specializing in specific sectors can help uncover high-quality prospective candidates. Searching for passive candidates can pay off in the long run. It is also an effective way to connect with professionals with the expertise you need.

8. Build attractive job listings.

You can build attractive job listings. Your job description should concisely explain the job requirements and offer an enticing job description of the position and its benefits.

Utilizing keywords and phrases appropriate to the position will ensure that potential candidates can easily find your listing in searches.

You should also keep it up-to-date so prospects can access all relevant information. You will find success when you post jobs and try to convey your message clearly. You’ll have no trouble finding qualified applicants for any open roles.

9. Get your team involved on LinkedIn.

Talent Strategy

Get your team involved on LinkedIn and start experiencing the tangible benefits of having a strong social presence.

While building your recruitment strategy, leverage LinkedIn’s free tools—including promotional job posts, interacting with alumni networks, launching targeted campaigns, and sending potential employee surveys.

Existing connections on LinkedIn can turn into quality candidate referrals. Get your team involved in conversations and build relationships with potential candidates as early as possible.

Take advantage of the network offered by various online job boards. These are opportunities to source for highly qualified professionals that you would otherwise not have access to.

10. Use brand ambassadors.

The final strategy that could help is using brand ambassadors – people who are passionate about the company and highly knowledgeable in their field.

By relying on these individuals to spread positive word-of-mouth opportunities and inspire others to apply, recruiters can be sure that all available roles are seen and filled with qualified, skilled people as quickly as possible.

Of course, it’s important for recruiters to carefully vet each candidate and ensure they have the proper enthusiasm and experience to benefit the company. With a mix of traditional approaches and unique strategies like this, experts can obtain excellent results in today’s challenging recruitment market.

11. Use a professional photo.

Your profile photo is one of the first things potential employers or recruiters will see when they view it, so it’s essential to make a good impression.

Avoid using casual or unprofessional photos, such as selfies or photos taken at parties. Instead, opt for a well-lit headshot that shows you in business attire.

12. Highlight your accomplishments.

In your profile, be sure to highlight your accomplishments and skills. This will enable potential employers or recruiters can see what you have to offer.

Include information about any awards or recognition you’ve received and any relevant coursework or training. If you have any publications or presentations, list them as well.


Learning about the benefits of LinkedIn and how to use it as part of your recruitment strategy. This is a smart first step. But remember, with anything worth doing, success on LinkedIn doesn’t happen overnight. Building your presence on the platform and seeing results takes time, effort, and consistency.

If you commit to using even just a few of the strategies we’ve listed above, you should see an uptick in engagement in no time. Ever need help fine-tuning your LinkedIn strategy or want expert assistance getting started let us know. Our team at FindMyProspects is always happy to chat.

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